Keyword placement, density and other factors are taken into consideration as we write copy that is both compelling for your human visitors and the search engine robots.If you write only for the robots, how are you supposed to make any sales? At SEO Services, we are masters at SEO copywriting.Why build and graphic design Brisbane optimize a website if nobody can find it? A link-building campaign is absolutely essential in getting visitors to come to your website.SEO Services provides the most aggressive and comprehensive link-building methodology, getting buyers to break down your doors looking to do business.

Once the on-page optimization services are completed and the link-building campaign has come to an end,there will be a little waiting period for the search engines to catch up to the changes on your site.Then it is time to start measuring success.EO Services will not provide high traffic overnight as perhaps an email campaign will.our SEO services results will last far longer than any other kind of marketing campaign.While many website owners find it unnecessary, others prefer to have ongoing technical support.We offer a monthly low-cost technical support package which includes phone and email support and any tweaks to your site that may be necessary from time to time.

Pricing plans are a bit tricky since no one in SEO wants to give out prices on their websites and when they do its a cookie cutter,SEO Services generally works with small to medium-sized businesses and the costs for SEO are generally in the $400 to $2000 range depending on whether it is a new or established site,how many pages require optimizing, the goals for the site, how much copywriting is required,how extensive the link-building campaign needs to be and other factors.

Some website owners like to retain us on an hourly basis for some fine-tuning of their websites and our hourly charge is $75 / hour.For additional monthly technical support, we charge $75 (one-hour of our time) and this support includes phone and email support and any website tweaks that many be necessary from time to time.