Super Easy Ways To Learn Everything About valuation

So there quite a big cash art for just to keep those patients alive and they came up to us and said look we were no intention of using this technology what should we do should we just terminate the patents or could it be a value anyone else and.


This was kind of interesting one so obviously within that company there tons of IP knowledge they had tons technical knowledge but they kind of lose the technical knowledge associatedwithwith those patterned families but they had no idea of the economics so for them the value of those pattern families as negative because it was just too sure cash outflow and no prospect of actually using it themselves but once we looked at the market once we looked the technology area once.

we looked at likely licensees and all purchases of this based on patent analytics and based on a review of licensing royaltydatabases and so on we were able to identify that this was a really good technology it still had some development hurdles to overcome they had lost some of the know-how which kind of supported the patterns because they find all the people who are doing that but.

Short Story: The Truth About valuation

The report was just looking at the upside potential also balancing that off against the development risk so it came through don’t just leave these things lying on the shelf don’t terminate them it’s its worth either selling or licensing them but here’s the information that.

you have to kind of assemble and pull together to do that so and that particular case study he is still in process okay we ‘ve got a few more minutes, yes valuation we’re ready we’ve done all three method income market and cost and the average it out is that a correct practice because.

The variance was quite a great meeting income market and yes yes is that correct I wouldn’taverage them out I think firstly it’s a good thing that they used different

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