We are pleased to see the emphasis upon inclusion and involvement and a recognition that the way to sustain an individual’s independence is by building networks and coalitions of individuals, families, carers, friends,  supports and community capacity. The values and vision expressed in the Green Paper reflect many of the initiatives in services for people with learning disabilities over recent years. However, the lessons learned from the implementation of “Valuing People”  suggest that large-scale change in social care approaches and values take time to become embedded in the culture of services and support.

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The entire process of valuation depends upon the various types of requirements and needs of the people basically. As are the needs of the people same are the outcomes made on it. Factors such as conducting research, analysis of various property rates, various growth rates, inflation and depression rates and future growth rates are also seen. It will be important to ensure that the changes already in progress linked to  “Valuing People” knit together with the proposals in the Green Paper and the new 20-year disability strategy “Improving the Life Choices of Disabled  People”.

A unified strategy is required that clearly ties these strands together and builds upon the progress already made as a result of  “Home Valuers”. However, it must be recognized that communication and involvement can be difficult to achieve and must be worked at creatively. Offering individuals choice in relation to their support and life decisions will require the time to get to know each person and their preferred methods of communication. Allied to this must be recognition of the important role of advocacy in its many forms to support individuals in making their views and opinions known.

Each and everything has been made as per the need and requirement of the people completely. The entire process of valuation is dependent on the huge number of outcomes coming on it as per the individual need and requirement of the people all these factors together make the process of valuation smooth run as per the need of people. Any future structure in social care must actively encourage working across Government departments and joint working with local authorities. For people requiring support, there is a positive move from “merely being able to survive” to the recognition that an “improved quality of life” is the aim.